“Green” Team

In the beginning of what became MHU Cycling, the team led the way in promoting Mars Hill College’s sustainable actions and initiatives by partnering with a cast of eco-friendly team sponsors, which led to MHC Cycling being named “Team of the Monthin October 2009 by USA Cycling. The college has made a long-term commitment to both sustainability and cycling–the most energy efficient means of transportation–so this is a natural and obvious progression for our cycling team.

Mars Hill College’s sustainable actions and initiatives include: the current installation of 75 solar thermal panels on top of Pittman Dining Hall and Gibson and Brown Residence Halls by FLS Energy; the recent completion of the Ferguson Math and Science Building, which is geo-thermally heated and cooled; and a LEED Platinum multi-purpose building in the design phase. Numerous other sustainable practices and initiatives are also being implemented: campus-wide recycling, the installation of energy efficient fixtures, and educating students about how their daily practices can have a positive and dramatic ecological impact.

The MHC Cycling Team is proud to partner with these organizations: First Light Solar, Organic Shopper Magazine, Home Energy Partners, The Organic Mechanic, Blue Ridge Biofuels, Raw Revolution Energy Bars, Hearn’s Cycling and Fitness, BioWheels, Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, Neo Burrito, Ion Sports Nutrition, Hincapie Sportswear, DeFeet International, and of course Mars Hill College. We’ve offset the team’s carbon and greenhouse emissions via Appalachian Offsets, part of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council.

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