Inside the race by Nathan Hake

28 10 2015

nate mtb nats

This past weekend was Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals, held in Snowshoe, West Virginia. The event lasted three days, Friday through Sunday, but most teams had already arrived by Thursday afternoon so as to have time to pre-ride the courses. It took us roughly six hours to arrive at Snowshoe and we were settled in to our condo by 3:00 pm. Snowshoe was a gorgeous venue that offered breathtaking views on either side of the mountain as well as offer challenging, well made trails.

Friday morning was our first race, Short Track. The short track course was a fast two minute loop that took us through the village, down a dirt road, and ended with a short, punchy climb to the finish. With over 40 men in the race, the first 10 minutes were crucial to survive so as not to be pulled. At the start, I was in the third row and did not have much room to move up. Once the race started it was non-stop sprinting for the first few laps until things settled in and I was unfortunately caught in the back. After ten minutes of racing, I had started slowly passing people one at a time and moving up in the field. At the 16 minute mark, I was pulled from the race and the leaders went by shortly after that. I ended up getting 23rd overall which I was happy with seeing as it is my year racing collegiate as well as knowing I can move up next year and do better.



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