ProGold products reviewed

27 05 2014

Here at Mars Hill University you never know the weather you’re going to get it.  As the saying goes, “Want the weather to change? Wait five minutes.” It could be March and 60 degrees outside on Mars Hill’s campus but 10 miles away at the top of a mountain pass it could be 45 degrees and raining. With such variations in weather conditions, it’s important to be able to easily maintain a clean bike and well-lubed drivetrain. You might have heard another saying, “A clean bike is a fast bike,” and this is so true. Not only does the act of cleaning and inspecting your bike regularly help reveal hidden mechanical issues that can be prevented ahead of race day, but tests have demonstrated that a clean and properly lubed chain can be several watts faster!

ProGold has many products that not only lube the chain but also clean the bike. The Mars Hill University Cycling team is fortunate to receive product support from ProGold Bikes, including bike cleaners, drivetrain degreasers, helmet deodorizers, and chain lubes. I personally like to use the Degreaser + Wash on my chain, leaving it perfectly clean without any excess black chain residue. Then I like to use the Foaming Citrus Degreaser to clean the cassette and derailleurs. If the cassette and derailleurs are really dirty and I don’t have much time, I like to use the Blast Off which will take most of dirt build up off in two quick sprays, leaving your cassette looking brand new.


After the drivetrain is all clean and dry, I like to lube the chain with their ProLink lube. If I know I’m likely to run into rain/dirt/mud on my ride, then I opt for the Xtreme lube since it handles these conditions better. The night before a race, I’ll finish my bike prep by wiping the frame down with the Bike Shine, which brings back the luster of a brand new bike. ProGold even has Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer which really leaves the helmet clean and fresh, and we all know how sweaty and stinky helmets can get.  My overall favorite product is the ProLink lube just because it lasts longer than other lubes I’ve tried and the chain doesn’t instantly go black.  It’s very good about rejecting debris. If you haven’t tried ProGold products yet, you have yet to get the full experience of riding! To check out all ProGold has to offer please visit their website and ask for their products at your local bike shop.

– John Croom, Mars Hill team rider, class of 2015



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