Joining the Raw Revolution

12 02 2014

By Tyler Perkins

With all the long hours of training at Mars Hill, having nutrition on the bike is a must. We’ve all had those training rides that somehow turn into bonk rides, so we’re fortunate to have Raw Revolution as a sponsor–and their bars in our back pockets–to make sure we’re fueling regularly with the highest quality ingredients.

As an athlete, I want to know what I’m putting in my body. With Raw Revolution I know I’m only taking in organic, vegan, and gluten free energy bars. It’s always a relief to read the ingredients label on the back and recognize the quality whole foods that are in the bars I’m eating.

Raw Revolution makes a variety of bars: 10 different flavors to be exact. My personal favorite being the Almond Butter Cup bar. It’s all well and good to be eating something that’s nutritionally beneficial for you, but it’s even better when it tastes great. In the past, I would get tired of eating the same bland energy bar, but ever since I switched over to Raw Revolution I never dread reaching in my back pocket for a bar. It’s real food, tastes good, and the raw foods are easy to digest.

I also appreciate the high standards the company sets for themselves. They source organic ingredients and stay away from anything genetically modified. They’re also environmentally friendly, minimizing packaging and space during storing and transportation.  The crazy thing is they’re able to do all these incredible things and still produce an affordable product. Cycling is expensive enough as it is, so having energy bars that don’t break the bank makes Raw Revolution a go-to energy bar choice, whether on or off the bike. Ask for them at your local bike shop or grocery store.



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