Announcing 3 new riders for spring

3 01 2014

We are excited to announce the addition of three new riders to the team for spring. Each focus on different disciplines, adding depth and talent across the team. Let’s welcome them to the team in alphabetical order: John Croom, Nick Givargis, and Tyler Perkins.

John Croom

John Croom is a 20-year-old racer from Rock Hill, South Carolina, the location of the the Giordana Velodrome, which is where John got his start racing. At 230lbs and unafraid to throw it around, John is already a feared track and road sprinter. He is the current SC elite men’s Omnium State champion and the 2013 tandem match sprint national bronze medal holder. He ended the year as the 2nd B category rider for the season at Giordana Velodrome. In 2013, his first season of racing, he started out at 285 lbs and made his way through the ranks on the road but especially the track, racing almost 40 days and losing 70lbs. John comes from a football and wrestling background but says that “cycling is the most intense sport I have ever done mentally and physically.”

Welcome to the team, John!

Nick Givargis

Nick Givargis started racing at the age of nine in Simi Valley, California, at Sycamore BMX. He excelled in the sport fairly quickly and became an expert at age 10. Finding success in the National Bicycle League at age 12, making the main event at NBL Grands as a 12 expert and placing 14th nationally, by age 14 he was a competitor in the ABA national circuit in his class. In 2010 and 2011, he was in the top 10 in his class nationally in Cruiser, and won numerous national races. Nick says the height of his young racing career was participation in the USA Cycling Jr. Development program. Many of his best races were in the Jr. Devo class at national events. He attended two Olympic training camps, one in November of 2010, and the other in April of 2011.

“BMX has always been an escape from reality for me. I never realized how fortunate I was to be able to travel around the nation racing bikes competitively. I have been away from the sport with a back injury for a year now, and this time has allowed me to reflect on my life thus far and find true appreciation for all of my experiences. I plan to come into collegiate cycling with a new found vigor and drive. I am also excited to be beginning my studies in the field of Athletic Training.”

Welcome to the team, Nick!

Tyler Perkins

Tyler Perkins got his start in the small rural city of Roxboro, North Carolina. When he was 11-years-old he got his first “real” mountain bike. About a year later he crashed and broke his wrist. Not being able to ride, he sat at home and watched TV. The Tour de France happened to be on. After about an hour of watching it he had caught the roadie bug and got a road bike for Christmas in 2005 and never looked back. He started racing in 2008 and found his strength in climbing, something he’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice at Mars Hill.

“I want to continue to develop as a rider and teammate. 2013 was my first year on a racing team and I loved being in the position to help my teammates succeed. It’s so gratifying knowing I did everything in my power to help my teammate succeed. I always plan on being an avid cyclist and would love to be competitive at the elite level. However, it isn’t my life goal to race bikes for a living. Ever since I was 5 I’ve wanted to become a police officer and help those who needed it. After I gain valuable law enforcement experience I want to work for the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. I still have that dream. To assist me with that I plan to major in Criminal Justice.”

Welcome to the team, Tyler!

Needless to say, we’re all very excited for a strong BMX and road campaign this spring.



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