Strauss 8th at World Mountain Bike Championships

31 08 2013

Congrats to former Mars Hill rider, Mariske Strauss, on her 8th place finish at the UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in the U23 women’s cross country. A collegiate national cyclocross champion for Mars Hill in 2012, and this year’s winner of the African Continental Championships, Strauss earned her best world championship result yet on her home course in South Africa.


Strauss impresses home crowd

South Africa’s under 23 star Mariske Strauss also recovered from a nasty fall in the Treehouse section of the course to claim a career-defining eighth place whilst the South African number two, Candice Neethling, claimed a hard-fought 14th.

“I had a problem with my cleats early in the race and also got caught up in a big pile-up, so I had to get through quite a lot and really had to fight back to get myself in a good position.”  The crowds roared whenever South African riders passed.

“I took a tumble at the rock garden which put me back a bit but I just kept telling myself to ride constantly and to not freak out otherwise it could have gone wrong for me. This is my best World Champs result, and I was aiming for a top five but after what I went through, I am happy with eighth.”

“I really learnt a lot about my riding out there and after my chain problem I just wanted to keep it steady to the end.”

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Full Results

U23 women cross country
1 Jolanda Neff (Switzerland) 1:25:44
2 Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) 0:02:26
3 Yana Belomoyna (Ukraine) 0:03:45
4 Helen Grobert (Germany) 0:05:59
5 Andrea Waldis (Switzerland) 0:06:31
6 Jenny Rissveds (Sweden)
7 Linda Indergand (Switzerland) 0:07:20
8 Mariske Strauss (South Africa) 0:09:07
9 Maghalie Rochette (Canada) 0:09:48
10 Rebecca Henderson (Australia) 0:10:03
11 Raiza Goulao-Henrique (Brazil) 0:10:16
12 Perrine Clauzel (France) 0:10:18
13 Lena Putz (Germany) 0:11:05
14 Candice Neethling (South Africa) 0:11:30
15 Lisa Mitterbauer (Austria) 0:11:48
16 Karla Stepanova (Czech Republic) 0:11:59
17 Anne Terpstra (Netherlands) 0:12:16
18 Jovana Crnogorac (Serbia) 0:12:55
19 Ekateryna Anoshina (Russian Federation) 0:13:33
20 Lisa Rabensteiner (Italy) 0:13:55
21 Ingrid Sofie Jacobsen (Norway) 0:14:34
22 Ines Carolina Gutierrez (Argentina) 0:15:08
23 Nadezhda Antonova (Russian Federation) 0:15:17
24 Guzel Akhmadullina (Russian Federation) 0:16:11
25 Shayna Powless (United States of America) 0:16:33
26 Frederique Trudel (Canada) 0:17:20
27 Laura Bietola (Canada) 0:18:32
-1lap Andreane Lanthier-Nadeau (Canada)
-1lap Kendall Ryan (United States of America)
-2laps Hayley Smith (South Africa)
-2laps Andrea Fuentes (Mexico)
-2laps Vera Adrian (Namibia)
-3laps Sarah Hill (South Africa)
-3laps Machuene Rozalia Kubyana (South Africa)
-3laps Ashleigh Parker-Moffatt (South Africa)
DNF Monika Zur (Poland)
DNF Tayla Odendaal (South Africa)



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