Jorts and Cowbells at ETSU

10 09 2012

Catherine Harnden pens this week’s race report.

With the combination of jorts, cowbells, and an excellently hosted race by ETSU, Mars Hill’s MTB squad was guaranteed an epic weekend.  The season opener is always an exciting time as new riders are introduced to the much loved and mostly dreaded “omnium.” Meaning four events, two days.  Endurance racers were riding downhill, gravity riders found themselves racing up hills, and there were even a few “roadies” in the mix who seemed confused but happy.

Laura Rice raced a great 4X to finish 5th.

Mars Hill’s own Sarah Felpel raced for the first time ever this weekend and the smile never left her face.  Laura Rice looked smooth in her first 4x race ever and Alan Hudson, who went on to dominate the event, gave great advice and encouragement.  This weekend’s events were great fitness markers and our captains Klara Roussow and Tim Jenkinson had strong showings along with sophomore Corey Davis and freshman Jake Possinger.

It can be said that the most conference bonding occurs in the face of extreme weather and ridiculous climbs.  There was an abundance of both this weekend.  Saturday’s 4x was rescheduled to Sunday and a few riders decided to take advantage of the downpour by testing their inflatable dingy.

I also need to give shout-outs to a few others.  Those Warren-Wilson College ladies, who never quit in the Short Track Cross Country even after crashing into the gap jump’s trench, fondly nicknamed the alligator pit.  The Brevard gravity superhero that put on his fresh new kit for a six year old who declared him Captain America!  That Milligan rider who sang I Feel Pretty while trudging up a muddy slope in the XC race.  He continued to amaze me when I found him buried in shrubbery, off a cliff, still singing.

Alan Hudson knows gate.

On behalf of our whole team I’d like to send some healing vibes to Sam Cookson of Lees McRae College, say thank you to Coach Hugh for taking care of us, going above and beyond and hiking our bikes up for us in 4x, and thank you to the ETSU crew for some great races!  See you all next weekend up in Kentucky at Union College.

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