Volunteering at CYMBL

12 11 2011

Listening to the official's final race instructions...

A couple of weekends ago,  Lacey, Corey, and I volunteered for CYMBL’s last race of the year at Falling Creek Camp in Tuxedo, NC. We had the opportunity to work with the younger side of the cycling community with CYMBL (Carolina Youth Mountain Bike League). It was awesome to see how energetic and excited these kids were to race their bikes.  While we are usually a little nervous and jittery right before our collegiate races, these kids didn’t seem to have a thought in their minds about how well they performed. All they cared about was riding their bikes. It was a bit of an eye opener to us, and gave us a better understanding of why we really enjoy doing riding bikes.

The atmosphere at CYMBL was very welcoming. There were tons of families having a good time. We especially enjoyed watching the dads, with their competitive natures, pushing their kids to pass the next kid on the trail. Although a few kids took a tumble, they were tough enough to get back on and finish their race. We had lots of great conversations with different families and were honored to be able to participate in this event, and even more, to see these kids having so much fun racing bikes.

Lacey, Corey and me... posing for the roving photographer at CYMBL

The event itself was one of the most organized races that I have been to. All of the races started right on time, and Todd Branham (the promoter) was super nice.  The parents were very supportive too: whatever place their child came in, they were so happy that they were having fun.  Towards the end, we stayed and watched the awards ceremony.  The awards were super cool: gold cassettes and chain rings! A clever idea. Overall, we had a great time, and we look forward to going back next year and helping out again.

– Chad Capobianco



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