Neo Burrito Joins Team as Official Burrito Supplier

9 12 2009

We are proud to announce that Neo Burrito has joined our team of eco-friendly sponsors. For the next year, they will be the team’s official burrito supplier, giving us the pre-race and post-race yummy calories we need to ride bikes fast. Go check out their website at

Neo Burrito is firmly committed to running an eco-conscious business: “As a necessary part of our evolutionary maturation it is imperative to our survival that we become conscientious of our extended and immediate environments. It is important that we, as a business and we, as individuals act in accordance with a greater and more long term plan towards worldwide sustainability. Neo Burrito, Inc. intends to participate fully in the Green revolution. Through conscientious education and innovation, Neo Burrito plans to bring about a great influence toward positive change. Our slogan can begin with, ‘making the world a better place, one burrito at at time.’ ”

Wow. Welcome to our green team Neo Burrito. Go get a burrito. They’re in W. Asheville right near the Patton/Haywood intersection. Their sauces rock too, BTW.



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