The Raw Revolution Has Arrived!

1 11 2009

raw revThe first shipment of Raw Revolution organic live food bars arrived at MHC Cycling’s headquarters this week. Inside the package were boxes containing eight different flavors! We are so excited to have the support of a company who understands what cyclists really need to perform at their highest levels: raw and organic foods in a combination that is easy to eat and digest while riding a bike at 25mph. I’ve had trouble digesting and feeling bloated with other bars that are cooked, but these go down easy and seem to more readily convert to pedaling power. Plus, there’s plenty of protein from a variety of sources without having to resort to processed soy isolates, which seems to be the defacto source of protein for other bar manufacturers. And no need to panic… they’re certified organic. The team has been hungrily sampling each flavor and so far the Cashew and Agave Nectar, Raisin and Chocolate, and Coconut and Agave Nectar have all received excellent feedback. My one-year-old son has really taken a liking to the Spirulina and Cashew bar, devouring one in minutes, and he keeps bringing me more to open. And he cries if I don’t! So far none on the team have resorted to crying for more, but then we haven’t run out yet.

We are proud to represent a company that’s doing what’s best for both personal health and the global ecology. Check out Raw Revolution’s full line of products and flavors at

Both Matt Willing and Paul Webb will be using the product in a race environment for the first time today at the North Carolina Cyclocross Series stop in Boone, NC. A report on today’s race and the cyclocross team is coming soon…



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