Blue Ridge Biofuels Joins “Green” Team

7 10 2009

blueridgebiofuelsBlue Ridge Biofuels joins the MHC Cycling’s “green” team as a supporting sponsor for 2010. They are an employee owned business that produces and distributes biodiesel for Asheville and Western North Carolina. They supply biodiesel to public pumps in the greater Asheville region, deliver bulk for on and off road biodiesel, provide BioHeat as a replacement to heating oil, and provide waste cooking oil removal services in Western North Carolina. In fact, Blue Ridge Biofuels collects waste cooking oil from Mars Hill College’s cafeteria for recycling.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning renewable alternative to petroleum diesel fuel. It can be used in any diesel engine, including on road vehicles, off road equipment, and #2 home heating oil furnaces. No modifications are necessary to use biodiesel, which is often sold blended with petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is better for the environment because it has lower green house gas emissions than conventional petroleum diesel. It also provides superior mechanical benefits for most applications due to its higher lubricity and deposit solvent properties when compared to petroleum based diesel.



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