Organic Mechanic Ratchets Up Support

2 10 2009

organic-mechanicIf cars are a big part of the enviro-problem, then the Organic Mechanic provides a key to start up an engine of solutions, and the MHC Cycling Team is proud to join with the industry leader in sustainable vehicle repair and maintenance for 2010.

The Organic Mechanic is working to develop a new, more conscientious mindset in the automotive repair industry in Asheville. Not only are they striving to comply with all suggested EPA standards, but they are actively pursuing new and innovative shop procedures that challenge the status quo. They seek out new products that exceed the “standard” and look to the future of car repair. Reducing their impact on the environment is a top priority. It’s clear that we can’t keep following our current road. Maybe one day all mechanics will be just a little bit more organic.



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