Mars Hill College Cycling Participates in Action

29 10 2009

MHC Cycling represented in the SE corner of the zero

Last weekend, Mars Hill College Cycling participated in the international action to bring attention to runaway climate change. 350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide–measured in “Parts Per Million” in our atmosphere. 350 ppm–it’s the number that humanity needs to get back below as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change. Visit 350 Asheville for information on the local action and for info on international actions and photos of them from iconic places around the world.

Paul Webb Rides to Top 20 Finish at Mountain Bike Nationals

25 10 2009

Paul NationalsLast weekend in North Lake Tahoe California, Paul Webb rode to an impressive 20th place finish in the National Mountain Bike Championships. While being amongst the top 20 in the nation is no mean feat, Paul accomplished it despite a couple of major setbacks.

When Paul’s flight arrived in Sacramento, he soon discovered that his bike hadn’t. With a few business hours left in the day, Paul decided to drive up the mountain to Lake Tahoe in hopes of finding a loaner in time for the next day’s championship event at noon. Fortunately, a local shop in Tahoe City offered to let him use a bike, and after taking it for a quick ride and dialing it in, Paul was ready to race the biggest mountain bike race of his career on a bike he really didn’t know. Then the morning of the event, the airlines dropped off his bike at the hotel, so he decided to race it instead of the loaner. So he rushed to get the bike built and tuned so he could have time to warm up. Feeling that the bike was ready to go, Paul was ready for the start.

At the start of a national championship, it is customary for the defending national champion and then each individual conference champion to be called to the start line. After that each school is called to the start, rider by rider, until the complete list of riders has been called up. But Paul’s name or school was never mentioned, so he was left to start at the very back. Paul rode a great race, passing over half the field during the first 2 of 4 laps, riding into 12th at one point. The effort of having to start at the back, however, took its toll and Paul faded somewhat but still finished a very strong 20th. The next day Paul completed the Short Track Cross Country event in 27th place, landing MHC Cycling within the top 22 teams in the nation despite, at this point, only having a one rider team. Rest assured that Paul will be back for more next year, and with a larger team in tow. For now, Paul is taking a brief respite before gearing up for the collegiate cyclocross season, which culminates with the national championships in Portland, OR, in mid December.

The Mars Hill College Cycling Team is USA Cycling’s “Team of the Month”

15 10 2009

Read the article HERE

Paul Webb in the Local News

15 10 2009

ASHVEGAS article on Paul Webb HERE

Paul Webb Qualifies for Mtb Nationals

12 10 2009

Paul Webb on the Way to Winning at Georgia Tech

Paul Webb has qualified for Collegiate Mountain Bike Nationals, which takes place this week on the 16th-18th in Truckee, California. While the courses and the altitude at Northstar at Tahoe off of Lake Tahoe promise to be challenging, Paul’s season-long experience racing with some of the most talented collegiate riders in the country has prepared him for the challenge. In arguably the strongest mountain bike conference in the country, the Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, Paul won the first race of the season back in August and then backed it up with a string of solid performances. Paul ended the regular season with two top tens in the STXC and XC events in Div II, by far the strongest division in the SECC Conference. Paul will race in the XC National Championships on Friday, and then the STXC National Championships on Sunday. Shred it, Paul!

For more info on the race, visit:

Blue Ridge Biofuels Joins “Green” Team

7 10 2009

blueridgebiofuelsBlue Ridge Biofuels joins the MHC Cycling’s “green” team as a supporting sponsor for 2010. They are an employee owned business that produces and distributes biodiesel for Asheville and Western North Carolina. They supply biodiesel to public pumps in the greater Asheville region, deliver bulk for on and off road biodiesel, provide BioHeat as a replacement to heating oil, and provide waste cooking oil removal services in Western North Carolina. In fact, Blue Ridge Biofuels collects waste cooking oil from Mars Hill College’s cafeteria for recycling.

Biodiesel is a clean-burning renewable alternative to petroleum diesel fuel. It can be used in any diesel engine, including on road vehicles, off road equipment, and #2 home heating oil furnaces. No modifications are necessary to use biodiesel, which is often sold blended with petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is better for the environment because it has lower green house gas emissions than conventional petroleum diesel. It also provides superior mechanical benefits for most applications due to its higher lubricity and deposit solvent properties when compared to petroleum based diesel.

Organic Mechanic Ratchets Up Support

2 10 2009

organic-mechanicIf cars are a big part of the enviro-problem, then the Organic Mechanic provides a key to start up an engine of solutions, and the MHC Cycling Team is proud to join with the industry leader in sustainable vehicle repair and maintenance for 2010.

The Organic Mechanic is working to develop a new, more conscientious mindset in the automotive repair industry in Asheville. Not only are they striving to comply with all suggested EPA standards, but they are actively pursuing new and innovative shop procedures that challenge the status quo. They seek out new products that exceed the “standard” and look to the future of car repair. Reducing their impact on the environment is a top priority. It’s clear that we can’t keep following our current road. Maybe one day all mechanics will be just a little bit more organic.

French Broad Food Coop: It’s About You!

1 10 2009

fbfcWhat would a “green” team be without a place to buy fresh greens? This year The French Broad Food Coop, staffed by many cycling enthusiasts, joins our team and we’re just plain stoked. Go check them out; they’re across the street from the Orange Peel on Biltmore Ave. They’ve got what you need.

So what exactly is the French Broad Food Coop? They are a community-owned co-operative–a business owned by the people who work and shop there; a place where everyone makes a difference. From their days as a buying club of friends and families in 1975 to the bustling downtown storefront they have today, the Co-op has been a center for the community and a leader in healthful and natural living. So go visit, join, support the local farming community, and thrive!