Home Energy Partners… Partner Up.

28 09 2009

Home Energy PartnersWe are very pleased to announce Home Energy Partners‘ commitment to MHC Cycling as a supporting sponsor for 2010. They don’t make homes… they make homes and buildings better. The services they offer are some of the most common sense and affordable means of making your home, office, or school more energy efficient. And with winter around the corner, now’s a good time to partner up with Home Energy Partners.

The advisors, inspectors, and technicians of Home Energy Partners are dedicated to making a difference. They are committed to leading their industry toward a healthier, more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and higher performing future. They are a group of passionate idealists out to help change the world, one home at a time, toward high performance, energy-efficient, environmentally sensitive, healthy homes. They are first and foremost, building scientists who, using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, advise, instruct, install, and inspect. Whether you are considering building, are ready to start construction or own a wonderful older home, Home Energy Partners can help you live more comfortably, in a healthier environment that saves you money on your utility bills.



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