Clemson race weekend

11 03 2009

Highlights of the race weekend at Clemson include the first bike races of two new team members and Nikola’s near miss at a big victory.

On Saturday, Nikola competed in the men’s A road race, which was 66 miles over rolling terrain. Although aggressive in trying to find the early break (often the winning break in collegiate cycling), Nikola couldn’t cover every move and 5 riders escaped and never came back.

On Sunday, the criterium was held on a 1/2 mile NASCAR oval in Greenville, SC. Yonatan Arnold, a new recruit to the cycling team (he just finished up the swim team’s season), competed in his first bike race ever. Although he had been on his road bike but twice in the last year, Yonatan did well to avoid a huge crash and finished strong in 10th place in the men’s C race. Next was Ana Chocarro’s women’s B event. Ana also just finished up the swim season, but up until two days before Ana had never even been on a road bike. On a borrowed bike, wearing borrowed cycling shoes two sizes too big, Ana had an excellent start and hung in there to finish and earn the team valued points.  In Nikola’s men’s A race, the field was large and the action was intense. Nikola rode a very smart race and was aggressive at just the right time to find himself in what looked like the winning break of 6 riders with less than 5 miles remaining. Unfortunately, the field got motivated at the last minute and captured the break with less than a mile to go. Stay tuned, because Nik is due a big result soon…



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