1st win of the year at Georgia Southern!

22 02 2009

Melissa Holloway earned MHC cycling it’s first win of 2009 at the Georgia Southern criterium (women’s B). In the women’s A category, Yolanda Colon won the first two points prime sprints in convincing fashion but had to settle for 2nd at the finish when Alexis Dabroski rode away for a solo victory. Nikola Milanovic had an excellent and aggressive race against a field that was dominated by Clemson, who had the largest team in the race. Nik finished a solid 5th.

The day before was the road race, held on a 27 mile loop that contained a 3-mile section of muddy/sandy Georgia clay, made all the more difficult due to drenching rains. Both Melissa and Yolanda rode to strong 2nd place finishes in their respective categories. I followed behind in the team van and saw the carnage on the dirt road–guys and gals crashing and falling over everywhere, having to get off and walk. But Melissa rode it like a Paris-Roubaix champ, finding the perfect lines and never even putting a foot down. Nikola’s race didn’t quite go as planned; he had a misunderstanding regarding the yellow-line rule and was dq’d when he crossed it. This was Nik’s first American road race so we’ll give him a break, especially since in his 9 years of racing in Europe he’s never had to deal with such a rule. Bike racing in America is just less organized…

Next race: North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, GA. Looking forward to our first race in the mountains.



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