Hearn’s Cycling Renews Sponsorship

3 02 2009

Everyone here knows that Asheville is blessed with its fair share of quality bike shops. There’s not a one in town that I wouldn’t recommend–all great supporters of the local cycling scene. But one in particular, Hearn’s Cycling and Fitness, has been a long time supporter of our cycling program at Mars Hill College. They give us access to their work stands and provide the proper tools for us to wrench on our bikes.  And then, bless them, they happily fix our bikes with expert precision when we get frustrated, bang our knuckles, and strip our threads. They’ve also donated equipment and spare parts, including boxes of waterbottles, carbon shoes, Cane Creek wheels,  Zipp wheels, TT equipment, and Shimano derailers. And much more. Basically, we can count on them to give what they have to give. We’re proud to partner again with Hearn’s in 2009. Oh, and go check out their impressive display of vintage and collectible bikes–while the bikes made today are super light and fast, they sure don’t make them like they used to. I traded a pro team TT bike for a 1969 Green Schwinn Panther, and I reckon that I got the best of it.



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