Tour de Leaves

23 10 2008

Last Satuday Nikola and I got up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Tryon for the Tour de Leaves. We were turned on to the ride by alumnus Donald Dixon, who is the namesake behind MHC’s first cycling scholarship. Donald is an avid cyclist and a former owner of Cane Creek Cycling Components, so we were excited to tackle the 66-mile ride with him. Also on the ride from MHC were Scott Lowrey, Jeremy McPherson, and Carlos Quatela. We started in a cool drizzle but it soon warmed up–20 miles in we hit a steep 2 mile climb rising above the Green River; we negotiated 17 switchbacks before we hit the top! A really fun climb, but the remaining 40 miles of hilly terrain didn’t give the legs much chance to recover. Thanks to the great roads and beatiful fall foliage for keeping us inspired and moving along. By the time we arrived back in Tryon, Donald and I were cooked. But Nikola looked like he was ready for a second lap.



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