Can you ride up Grapevine without hands?

6 10 2008

Well, Nikola and I can. On our Walnut Creek-Grapevine ride today with P.E. professor Bill Hamilton, we worked a little on conscious pedaling. What started as a little training excercise to increase bike handling skills and develop a smoother pedaling stroke ended up being a full-on competition when we started up the back side of Grapvine, the side with the steep hairpins. The lady walking the poodle must’ve thought we were nuts as we dodged her and the poodle on an 8% grade, with no hands! After we slightly recovered from our effort down the other side of Grapevine, Bill must’ve sensed our weakness and put in a last ditch attack, but we finally caught his wheel. The rest of the ride, we just kept the pedals turning to make it home. Ride time: 2:35, about 40 miles. Not bad for two big climbs. Every ride lately has been an adventure. Of note was Nate’s rear derailer explosion on a recent Wednesday. We were still about 4 miles from campus, so Nikola and I pushed Nate on his broken bike while Melissa gave us the heads-up for cars. A great team-building exercise. What will the next ride bring? Come and see…



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