Sarah’s First Post

22 04 2008

So Grant said that I can write anything within reason on here, so I won’t mention the fact that he can resite all the songs on “Barney and Friends” and that one of his feet has an extra toe. Oops.

Anyways, this past weekend was a lot of fun! We rode our bikes at Lees McCrae in the regional race. There were teams there from all over, including Florida, USF, Georgia Southern, UGA, and Georgia Tech. Saturday afternoon we rode in the crit and it was a nice little paved course but somewhat slippery, due to the rain, around the corners. I finished 4th and Bryson finished 5th, I think. Sunday we both rode in the road race around the town. It was a 10 mile loop and Womans B and Mens C catagories did the loop twice, making it a 20 mile race in all. Bryson finished 7th out of 35 men and I finished 1st out of 5 woman. That was my first win and it felt great! I think that Grant is going to post the summary of the race soon, so I will leave it up to him to share the rest of the racing details.

We ate some really good mexican food Saturday after the race, and then we stopped at a local place to get some coffee. Sunday we ate some food at the coffee place. The food was good…although cold. We looked at a map of the AT, which Bryson is going to start hiking this summer. Best of luck Bryson, hope you have some good hiking shoes!

Today, Bryson and I did a recovery ride outside with Grant. We rode about 3 miles and then stopped. A man that was biking passed looked over and said hello. We waved. Later on, after about 3 more miles, we stopped and got some drinks and took them down to the creek to sit and relax. The man on the bike passed us again. It is appart that all the Mars Hill Cycling team does is sit around and watch other bikers. JUST KIDDING!

Today on our ride we invented a new sport, an extreme sport, if you will. It is called groundhog hopping, or ‘hog hopping. Byson is very skilled at jumping over dead groundhogs on his bike. Look for us next year, as we hope to add squirrel and rabbit hopping. We will also be on tour around the U.S.

Well I hope everyone who reads enjoys my new, and first, post. Hope to post again soon!





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